Wikipedia Predicts Romney VP Pick?

As any political hack will tell you, sometimes the parlour game of guessing who will be the next nominee, winner, candidate or member of Cabinet is the most fun.  With GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney preparing to announce who will be his running mate for November's election at any time, observers are looking for clues as to who the VP pick may be. 

Politics and tech publication TechPresident posted an interesting article this week indicating that Wikipedia – or more accurately changes to Wikipedia pages – may provide the best indication of who the eventual nominee will be: 

"Sarah Palin's Wikipedia page was updated at least 68 times the day before John McCain announced her selection, with another 54 changes made in the five previous days previous. Tim Pawlenty, another leading contender for McCain's favor, had 54 edits on August 28th, with just 12 in the five previous days."

So, if the volume of edits were any indication, it looks like Paul Ryan's page is getting a significant makeover, as is that of Ohio Senator Rob Portman.  

Of course, Stephen Colbert has now gotten wind of this potential trend and has muddied the waters quite a bit, resulting in Wikipedia locking pages of potential candidates.  

It will be interesting to find out if Wikipedia was an accurate early indicator. If you want to keep on top of this story, make sure you downloaded the Romney VP app to your smartphone to be instantly alerted as to whom Romney's choice is. 

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