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Grassroots Online offers a variety of tools for mobilizing your audience. We make it easy to design, launch, and win your campaign. Find out what we can do for you.

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Since its debut in 2009, our flagship advocacy tool has just been getting better.  Our tech is easy to use: it enjoys an 89% completion rate and integrated with any website.  Make your next campaign hassle-free with our Campaignr module.    

Your enterprise advocacy solution


Form letters are easy to ignore and often dismissed. We were the first to roll out a Randomizer feature, which creates completely unique emails for each user.


Social sharing can increase the reach of your campaign, but unless it is part of the user journey, sharing is often skipped. We bake Facebook and Twitter sharing right in the module.


If you aren't tracking activity, you won't know if your campaign is effective. Our module tracks all user activity from beginning to end in real time so you know what is working.

Accurate Matching

Our competitors use free postal code lookup tools to match supporters to ridings, which are often inaccurate. We map physical addresses to create highly accurate (95%) matches.

integrate data

Campaignr integrates with most major database platforms, including NationBuilder and SalesForce, via our API. We make it easy to add actions to your supporter records.

review content

Campaignr offers a free web-based moderator dashboard to make sure opponents are not using your tool to advance their message.

Phone calls are powerful

One call from a constituent is worth a dozen emails.  Take your advocacy to the next level by adding our Click2Call feature on your next advocacy campaign.

From The Lab: Chatbot

At Grassroots Online, we are always looking for new ways to engage supporters.  Our current innovation is the Advocacy Concierge, which walks your supporters through the sign up process right from Facebook or your website.

Watch the video demo or contact us for details.

get your supporters active

Our Activist Dashboard creates one central location to curate and track activities for your supporters.  Our dashboard combines behavioural psychology and frictionless actions in one impactful platform.

make advocacy fun

Gamification is a great way to engage your supporters and make advocacy interactive and compelling.  We were an early adopter in this space, building our first gamified app in 2009.  

Your full service agency

We definitely have the tech, but we don’t stop there.  We can design and build everything your campaign needs, from custom websites to logos to videos.  Grassroots Online is your complete content partner.  

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