Facebook Offers Tips For Politicians

In the lead-up to the 2010 US mid-term elections, Facebook unveiled U.S. Politics On Facebook, a Page where Facebook itself could highlight the innovative or interesting tactics campaigns were taking to maximize the utility of the social network.  

This week, Facebook posted 7 tips for aspiring politicians on how best to use Facebook to engage constituents and buttress their campaign efforts.  You can read the entire list here, but here are a few of the best pieces of advice: 

  • Try to upload an image or photo with every post;  
  • Create an interactive experience by involving your audience in the discussion;
  • Post in your own voice;

Interestingly, they suggest posting between 9 and 10pm, which apparently results in the highest level of community engagement.  My advice would be to test that theory, rather than accept it as fact.  

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