Wine Council of Ontario

Putting Choice
In Your Hands

A creative advocacy campaign that helps wine lovers see what could be


The Wine Council of Ontario wanted to advocate for more choice for those who purchase and consume wine but wanted a creative approach to capture the attention of the public and the media.  By having users imagine a wine shop in their local neighbourhood, it would more easily turn them into engaged advocates. 


Grassroots Online built an interactive wine shop simulator that allowed users to make, brand, stock and locate their own wine shop anywhere in Ontario.  They could choose the type of store, the kinds of wines they stocked and where in Ontario they would open the store.  

The supporter could also promote their store on social media and have others “visit” and like the store on the website.  The website included full Google Map API integration and an advocacy ask at the end of the process so suppo.  


The website was a hit with supporters and with reporters.  Users created wine shops all over Ontario and took pride in sharing their shop with their networks.  Resulting media coverage highlighted the creative approach taken by the client.  




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