A Primer On Responsive Design

Over the past year or so, you’ve probably heard a lot tech buzz words or terms. Responsive Web Design may have been one of those terms. It’s definitely a term you want to be familiar with considering the digital age we live in today.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a modern design approach that takes into consideration that people view websites on different devices – handhelds, tablets and desktops and although they are viewing on it different screen sizes the user should have a relatively similar experience.


Despite the size, orientation or operating system, responsive design using media queries allows the user to view all content no matter what the device. A responsive website scales text, images and other elements of the website up or down depending on which type of device you’re using to surf the Internet. In fact, the website you’re reading this on is responsive, adjusting to a desktop, tablet or mobile (try it).

Why Is It Important?

Having a website that is responsive in this day and age is important because the single most important piece of a website is the content. Being able to consume that digital content whether you’re on a desktop, a tablet or a mobile phone without having to pinch and zoom is key to keeping the reader engaged on your website. If you lose the reader because they found it difficult to surf your website on their mobile device, you may not get them back for a number of reasons – they don’t have time, they forget or in some cases with younger folks – they only use mobile devices.

In a recent study done this past summer, the results showed 53% of Canadians own a smartphone, which is up from 38% in 2012. The study concluded that the large majority of Canadians are using their smartphones to communicate with others and specifically understanding the world around them – meaning they are surfing your website to understanding your business, cause or campaign.

We here at Grassroots Online build a lot of websites – and they are all responsive. It has been something that we have offered for a number of years now, and a feature that our clients have some to expect. And rightly so.

Should your next campaign website be ‘responsive’?

Yes. Above I’ve given you the one simple reason why it should be responsive – people need to be able to read your content no matter what device they are on. With so many things going on in the world today and with people having less and less time, you need to allow people access your website on the go and get them to complete actions, read content and share your message when they have the time and choose to do so.

Having a responsive website is not only a cool factor anymore, it’s a matter of function and a must in this growing mobile age.

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