The Senator Who Tweeted Too Much

When will politicians learn that Twitter is an open mic?  As you may have read, boxing Senator Patrick Brazeau got into a testy exchange with Canadian Press reporter Jennifer Ditchburn on Twitter this week.

The Senator caught a lot of attention when he essentially called Ditchburn a "b*tch" during the exchange, which you can read here, via Storify.  The Senator wisely apologized after the #canpoli Twitterverse gave him an earful.  You can ready analysis on the impact the affair had on Twitter here.  

Unfortunately, this will be yet another example political advisors will hold up as a reason why social networking is not worth the "risk".  But let's be clear: it wasn't Twitter that got the Senator in trouble, it was his thumbs.  

Perhaps the biggest and most obvious lesson here is don't call a member of the media an expletive in front of 2,585 people and expect no one to notice.   

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