PDF12: The TED Talks Of Online Democracy

A regular read here at Grassroots Online are the articles, blog posts and videos courtesy of the Personal Democracy Forum.  A personal favorite is TechPresident, which focuses primarily on politics and advocacy in the digital space.  

This week, the Personal Democracy Forum held their annual Conference, PDF12, which featured a number of great speakers touching on a wide variety of topics around digital engagement.  One notable speaker was Zac Moffatt, the head of digital for GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney (click below to view).  

Couldn't make it?  Well, you're in luck – the entire program is available right here. Here are some videos you may find of interest:

Infowar: A View From the Battlefield

The Advocacy Gap: What Congress Really Does with All Those Emails

Don't Mess With Our Boobs: Ad-Hoc Networks and Online Power

The Real Story of 2012: Using Digital for Persuasion

Whether you agree with the politics of the various speakers or not, one of the central themes remains that the Internet will change how democracy works.   These videos provide some insight and reflection on what form that change will take.   

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