Optimizing Your Facebook Page

This week, the team at Grassroots Online submitted a report to a client on optimizing their existing Facebook presence.  As part of that report, we had a chance to review a number of independent data sources that looked at best practices for thousands of Facebook Pages and hundreds of thousands of Page posts across all sectors.

The data provided some excellent insight into when and what to post on a Facebook Page; preferred post types and a number of other metrics.   As a valued reader, I wanted to share some of the conclusions that came out of the data, which may assist with your efforts on Facebook:

  • Photos are by far the best post type to increase engagement, while URL links have the least impact;
  • Post should be less than 80 characters where possible;
  • Posts towards the end of the day (after 5pm) receive more activity than those in the middle of the day, with URLs being the exception;
  • An average of one post per day in optimal, although there is no indication that posting less than once a day will decrease engagement;
  • Direct questions or fill-in-the-blank type posts have a very positive impact on engagement rates.

While there is never a one-size-fits-all solution for any organization or sector, our research found that these general best practices held true for the industry we were researching. As an example, when looking at Facebook Pages on our client and their competitors, we did indeed find that photo posts had the best rate of engagement.

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