Leadership In The Social Media Age

I don't typically share "leadership coaching" videos or content, but the central messages in this video were compelling enough that I wanted to share it with you.  

Click here to watch the video

John Baldoni offers some basic operational principles for CEOs, but it also applies to politicians, spokespersons or anyone else finding themselves in the public eye. I often see a hesitancy from those individuals who know that thousands, and in some cases millions, of individuals are watching them at all times.

They are afraid that one misstep will mean disaster. So rather than not engage at all, Baldoni offers some solid suggestions:

  • Lead with integrity – ensure you and your organization are forthright and honest in your activites;
  • Be transparent – assume everyone is watching. Because they are;  
  • Be open and clean on your positions and why you have taken them; and 
  • Use social media in a way that demonstrates you are listening to others and you are considering what they are saying or recommending.  

I'm glad to see those in the corporate world extolling such practical advice. Baldoni is right on those points. Those in leadership positions could operate in the online space more effectively with more confidence if they followed that advice.  

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