The US Election Heats Up On YouTube

When the 2012 Presidential election is over, there will be books written about the technology being deployed by both sides.  But one of the fascinating aspects is the online advertising space, particularly YouTube.  The spots can be designed, cut and deployed in hours, not days or weeks. 

And as the election race heats up, we are seeing some particularly interesting ads being pushed out the door.  Here's one from the Obama camp: 

Barack Obama Ad

But the Romney campaign isn't slouching either: 

Mitt Romney Ad

The quality of the videos and the speed in which they are being made public is advancing at a rapid pace.  They are emotive and do not pull punches.  I expect them to get even more impactful as November gets closer.  

If you liked those, make sure you check out YouTube's politics channel.  Here are a few excellent videos that came out this month: 

"Let America Be America Again" (Scott Brown)

"The Choice" (Obama For America)

"Replay" (American Crossroads)

"I Have A Crush On Obama" (Obama Boy)

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