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A Familiar Face

The real lesson from the Obama victories is that the familiar face of a local volunteer at a door or on a phone will pay back all the investment made on it. It just takes a decision to invest in that important natural resource.

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Using Facebook Chats To Boost Engagement

In our recent episode of RootsCast, our weekly video podcast, a POLITICO article on a recent social media panel at the 2014 CPAC conference was discussed.  Specifically, what advice both Facebook and Twitter were giving to GOP candidates and campaigns in order to increase engagement and (hopefully) voter support. One of the examples given by

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Lessons Learned From 2.2 Million Emails

I read with interest a post by my email client of choice, Campaign Monitor, who published some figures after conducting an analysis of 2.2 million emails sent by clients from a variety of industries and countries. Anyone who spends the time to crafting emails to send to a target audience – from newsletters to fundraising

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