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Even The NY Times Struggles To Promote

Anyone in current affairs is familiar with the newspaper industry. Specifically, their struggle with maintaining their audience in an increasingly digital world. One of the giants of that industry, the New York Times, is no different. However, we don’t often get a deep look inside that struggle to recalibrate to thrive on the Internet. But

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Reporting On 2014 Internet Trends

Every year, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield issues a report that outlines some of the wider trends on the Internet. The report offers a lot of insight into what is shaping the online space and how the future will look.

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Armies Are Recruited

As we watch the Ontario election unfold, one of the interesting footnotes is the battle on social media. According to reports like this one, Tim Hudak and his Million Jobs Plan are leading the discussion on Twitter by a wide margin. However, the report goes on to say that much of the sentiment (which is

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A BuzzFeed Boost?

Late last week, the Ontario Liberals publicized a BuzzFeed post about their leader, Kathleen Wynne, entitled: The Top 20 Reasons Why Kathleen Wynne Rocks. For the uninitiated, BuzzFeed is a pop culture aggregator, posting daily lists and articles about cats, celebrities and everything in between.

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5 Lessons From 5 Years In Business

This week, I am pleased to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Grassroots Online. Having started this on my own in May 2009, I am quite happy with the way the business has evolved over the last five years, the wonderful clients we’ve had the privilege of working with and the files we have been able

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Why You Should Care About Net Neutrality

Sometimes, technical and abstract policy discussions taking place behind the closed doors of Committee rooms and legislatures can have definite impacts on you, your family and your business. The Net Neutrality debate taking place in the United States has the potential to greatly impact households and businesses in both Canada and the United States. With

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Facebook Referral Traffic Rocks

There is a current trend by administrators of Facebook Pages to condemn Facebook for limiting the reach of their Page content on the platform. They have even dubbed it “the reachpocalypse” and some have openly questioned whether Facebook is worth using at all as a communications tool.

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Do Hashtags Work?

Are you using hashtags as part of your communication efforts? If not, new research shows that you may want to consider adding them to the mix. For those who are not familiar with hashtags, they are a word or phrase (on social media sites such as Twitter) preceded by a hash or pound sign (#)

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