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Mobilize your supporters with Canada's premiere digital advocacy tool, Campaignr. Get up and running today with our worry-free mobilization platform.

“Your product is fantastic by the way. Best decision of the campaign.”
Executive Director, Newfoundland and Labrador Employers' Council

10 Years Of Innovation

Fast setup

We know campaigns need to respond quickly to outside events. We can have you up and running in 24-48 hours if you need it.

Real time stats

View all activity as it happens with our analytics dashboard. Easily sort by riding, activity type or count. Export user lists as you need them.

Pinpoint matching

Most tools use postal codes to map the location of supporters, which is often inaccurate. We use physical addresses to locate an exact match.

Fully secure

Each module has been specifically designed to curb abuse and ensure that each contact with elected officials is legitimate.

Get social

Directly integrates Facebook and Twitter to allow supporters to post messages supporting the campaign right from the module.

Personalize letters

Personalized messages from supporters can be very powerful. We offer the option for each supporter to write and submit their own comments.


Form letters are easily dismissed and ineffective.  Our RANDOMIZER technology creates unique emails for each user, including subject lines and personalization.  


Our user interface puts you in charge:  choose the level of government, add or edit copy, change colours and fonts whenever you need, on the fly.  You also have the option to review emails before they go out, giving you complete control.  


Campaignr can be installed on any website and works on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.  Our tool integrates with your favorite database platforms like NationBuilder and Salesforce.


We can talk about how easy it is to use Campaignr, but we wanted you to try it yourself.

To give you the full experience we created an imaginary campaign for a cause we can all get behind: banning cell phone calls on airplanes!   

We invite you to go through the steps and see how easy it is to take action.  Don’t worry: its a demo only – the emails don’t go to your local Member of Parliament.  


If you have any questions or need more information, connect right now with one of our team members.

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